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Bio for Dennis Littleton
Dr. Littleton was Californicated in 1954. Development continued there until his early 20's where he left the security of the familiar to travel the Americas north and south. After his return to the neo-petro-religicist society, he completed his undergraduate studies and became Coloradoed. Ah youth. Time and training was received in this state at 3% humidity and 300 plus days of sunshine. Development and individuation continued, accompanied with an emerging familiar ennui of discontent, that resulted in becoming Washingtoned.

He located himself 35 miles from the Quinault rain forest on the Olympic Pennisula. He traded his goose down winter wear for high tech plastic wear and began exploring the unique rainforest and mushrooms that would grow from the carpets in his home. The soggy perspective of the region, although novel at the time, inspired him to locate sunnier pastures. Virtually non-existent in western Washington he now has acquiesced to residing in Bellingham Washington where he continues to deepen his appreciation for wet.

Professionally, having studied medicine since the age of 19, and later employed for 12 years as a medical technologist in a variety of clinical settings, Dr. Littleton chose to expand his talents and services via licensure as Naturopathic Family Physician. Dr. Littleton secured his training at the Bastyr University where he received training in natural medicine and the oriental medical arts. This left him fried. But, the yield has been his license to operate as a primary care physician and perform acupuncture working effectively with oriental herbs.

  Dennis Littleton
He is currently licensed in both disciplines (Naturopathic Medicine and Oriental Medicine) in Washington State and has been in clinical practice since 1990. As stated earlier, he currently resides and provides his professional services in Bellingham, Washington. His clinical practice is defined as being 'eclectic' and broad in scope. His services involve a comprehensive evaluation of the human condition on a physical '3D' level and includes an 'astutely penetrating' (if I don't mind saying so myself) clairvoyant evaluation of the subtle agencies involved with the client/patient agendas (and when out of resistance, even his own). His services further involve the creative use of plant, animal and mineral substances in a variety of forms as healing agents/catalysts in 'fine tuning' optimal health.   Dr. Littleton strives to empower and enable each Being to fully own their bodies. He continues to study spirit-body communication systems that enable the individual to have full access to their own Knowingness. When asked what he does for a living Dr. Littleton claims that what he does is 'listen'. He elaborates: "I train Beings to run bodies and this will involve an intervention unique to the individual. The spectrum of concerns are broad; I may teach them the basics of how to feed their bodies with real food and, at other times, I may have them move out of their body entirely for a new perspective on what they may need next. For certain, the counsel as to what to do next in resolving their present concerns [in optimizing their health] comes from them."



Dr. Littleton has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister and a Psychic Minister from the Metaphysical Interfaith Church in Gainsville, Florida in 1998. He is not sure when or how that stuff slipped in under his radar as those certifications offer absolutely nothing to his life or services. Do not call him reverend or father regardless of how amusing you may find it.


He has spent an extended time working with other teachers in acquiring his present level of mastery in the management of an endless myriad of subtle energies giving composition to space and form. His background and experiences with a variety of healing systems have been compiled in the system of intentional healing trademarked as Quantessential Communications™.
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