Quantessential Communications - A System of  Intentional Healing
Quantessential Communicatons™ is a system of intentional healing to enhance the conscious management of space and form. This is predicated on the assumption that we are eternal spiritual Beings that choose to participate in one or more realities. In this reality depth is a defining feature; we gain mastery in creatively managing the depth of the 3rd dimensional, dense, material aspects of form.

The human body is composed of cooperatively organized earthly materials indigenous to this planet and of immaterial substances, from a variety of sources, that participate in this materially realized dimension. The 'software', lacking a better analogy, relates to the mind. The mind is an immaterial level of information that drives behaviors, thought forms and contains a variety of beliefs and constructs that give rise to our body personality.


This definition implies a programmable nature to the mind. Information transcribed (programmed) in our human system may filter or displace information coming from other sources or be from sources pre-existent in other dimensions, other realities, individuals, groups or from our own experiential reservoir; a reservoir I call the Soul.

Information from other sources can influence us in a myriad of ways. This 'influence' may interfere with access and ownership of our own knowingness; that which we have done (past), are doing (present), and will do (future). The unlimited possibilities may seem unavailable to us when access is blocked by unconscious patterns or via patterns of denial directly related to constructs of the mind. Managing our own form(s) and space(s) from a spiritually senior perspective may seem lost or impossible leaving the body personality to limit restitution or repeat painful patterns; patterns originating moments ago or from eons past being disseminated via configurations of DNA or more subtly constructed archives.

Quantessential Communicatons™ is intended to help you reconfigure your relationship as a Being with your own body, your space(s) eternally within and eternally out.

Quantessential Communicatons™ may assist you in consciously connecting to inner and outer resources and assist you to re-configure your own form and space. This will allow you to fully own your human system on an immaterial and a material level.As healing proceeds an expanded sense of perception and a deepened awareness of your own truth ensues.


Quantessential Communicatons™ is a system to help you reclaim your power and potency as a Being, as an individual, as a member of your chosen group(s) such that you become conscious of the dynamic use of you as an influential agent in fulfilling your chosen purpose(s).

Please keep in mind that there is nothing new to us in this system of intentional healing. This system is a structure I have created for the application of intent.


I am now accepting registry for individuals wanting to learn the structure and techniques used in Quantessential Communicatons™. As a system of intentional healing, professionals and non-professionals will be offered education and training in identifying the quintessence of the Being as a primary focus for communications and the application of intention.

Quantessential Communicatons™ is uniquely applicable to those professionals needing to relate to the fundamental aspects of the human experience as part of their career path and daily service. This involves an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of material and immaterial human form in the co-habitation of space.

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