Quantessential Communications - A System of  Intentional Healing
Education will be offered by lectures and discussions related to western and eastern medical information, spiritual/energetic anatomy, constructs and concepts related to the human system, and via hands-on work in the format of workshops. This means the students will learn by working on each other. We will try, as is possible, to have the students experience the information as opposed to the familiar academic style of spoon feeding information to students.
The preferred applicants are individuals who wish to be free. Individuals having a background in the applied healing arts will find the learning process easier than those individuals who do not have a working knowledge of the intracellular and extracellular machinations of living forms. Individuals that have not studied general anatomy and physiology will slow the group learning process.

I have catagorized this system as an alternative, complementary health care modality that highlights the conscious application of intention in healing functional illness and dis-ease. This system of healing has been structured to be limitless. The only limitations that arise are those that are part of the practitioners spirit/body construct(s) and the human system(s) involved in/with the healee.

Training, as a facilitator, to use Quantessential Communicatons™ with others will be available to health care professionals who have a license and training to provide health care and to touch other humans in their health care services.


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As with all trademarked systems, a quality assurance component is involved and I have chosen this base level of competence training as a starting point. Practitioners of Quantessential Communicatons™ will need to personally own a high level of integrity in this service as this work demands integrity in intimacy. Integrity, certainty and neutrality are primary and imperative to maintain clarity of communications in this work.

My workshop requirements are for a minimum of 6 trainees (not including myself) and a maximum of 24. The individuals work in pairs. The smaller numbers will enable us to engage each other, rotate pairs and problem solve while learning this system.

Clothing that is polyester, silk, compact wool or acrylic will be problematic. A casual or comfortable dress code is suggested. Personal pillow/linens to drape on massage tables are needed at each workshop. A means of taking notes with writing tools will likely be needed. Attendees should refrain from wearing scented materials as these are often toxic.

The curriculum will involve 4 workshops:
  • Level 1 training will include self preparation and basic connections/communications.
  • Level 2 training will include the connections to and from the outer realms.
  • Level 3 training will include the connections to and from the inner realms.
  • Level 4 training will include biochemistry (toxins, allergy, infection, etc.) and DNA modification.
Keep in mind that this is a work that continues to evolve. I am not interested in creating a system that encourages dependency, guruism, and/or continued costly updating. This is a technology related to freedom; enabling one to own greater levels of autonomy.

The parceled delivery of training information is to allow for development of the practitioner. It is not about control. At the close or completion of all 4 workshops and with documentation of having performed 150 Quantessential Communicatons™ independent sessions permission will granted to use the trademarked label and provide education and services under this label as you choose.

  A minimal annual fee will be charged for the use of the label. You will be asked not to modify the core original body of information but personal additions that you incorporate and how you choose to train, teach or work with others is unlimited and left to your discretion. In other words when you have completed the training, bon voyage.

I retain the rights and privileges to expand or contract the Quantessential Communicatons™ system as the need arises and to write original supportive publications as is fitting. As educators, your contributions would be most welcomed.



If you fit the criteria that I have selected and wish to explore this system of intentional healing you can contact me at the address that I have listed or at my office. The office number is 360-676-5337. I would be happy to teach the professionals in your community if the numbers of attendees cover the logistical costs.

You may access registration forms in either MS Word or Adobe Acrobat's PDF format. You will need Adobe's® free reader to view the PDF file. You can get it here.

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